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Trip Description / 305 304 -5100

Lower Keys 7-DayTrip
Day 1- Safety Orientation, Depart to Boca Grande snorlel, fish, explore
Day 2- Sail to Marquesas Keys, sail blue out to blue water
Day 3- Visit the marine world of the Mangroves ,wading birds,and osprey
Day 4- Sail on to snorkel at Western Dry Rocks, anchor in Key West Harbor
Day 5- Sail to Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary and Newfound Harbor
Day 6- Fully explore Looe Key Reef and visit the shallow reefs off Newfound Harbor
Island picnic .
Day 7- Sail back towards KeyWest,visit Pelican Shoal and Western Sambo reefs

Lower Keys Marquesas Keys 5-day Trip
Day 1- Safety Orientation, deck talk,food stowage, and departure for Boca Grande Key snorkel at Sand Key or Cottrell Key, sleep at Boca Grande Key get some good fishing. .Day 2- Sail to Cosgrove Shoal for Marine study and snorkeling.Anchor overnight at Marquesas Keys.Longboat row ,kayak to keys
Day 3-Possible row to interior Marquesas for snorkel then depart for Western Dry Rocks for a great reef exploration. Sleep Key West Harbor
Day 4-Sail for reef for more snorkeling ,blue water sailing and fishing .Sleep at Mule Key
Basin ,fish and swim
Day 5- Sail to Western Sambo Reef, eat a final lunch , snorkel the Sambo reef and fish

Boca Grande Key
Day l- Safety Orientation, Sail Hawks Channel Sand Key for snorkel then sail to Boca Grande for swimming and fishing.
Day 2- Kayak and small boat exploration of interior mangrove habitat. Bird watching.Sail towards Key West snorkel at Western Dry Rocks then sail to Mule Key basin for a good night of fishing and sleep.
Day 3- Return to Key West via Western Sambo Reef for snorkeling and big lunch

Sail and snorkel to Western Sambo Reef , sail to Boca Grande and anchor for the night. on return snorkel at Western Dry Rocks

1/2 day Reef Trip & Full-day Trip
One Day trip to Western Sambo or Sand Key “Blue Water Sail” and Snorkeling!

* minimum of 14 people or cover the cost - Add 7.5% FL sales tax

Trips include fuel for vessel, ice, drinking water (R.O.), charcoal, bait, long-boat AIDA (32ft ), 2 kayaks, captain and crew, cooking and eating utensils, 3 large coolers, grill, 3 alcohol stoves, 9 hand lines, hooks and sinkers, one trolling pole. Snorkeling gear is included (masks, snorkels, fins, & buoyancy vests).
•food is extra
• includes snorkel gear, kayaks, longboat, fishing gear
• 19 persons max overnight / 49 persons max day trip