Dream Catcher Rules

Please keep bunks covered with sleeping bag or sheets at all times.

Cushions and mattresses stay below deck. There are a few deck mats.

Eat on deck or dining area only. No food,candy, or drinks in bunk area

Keep bunk area organized and clean

Keep galley clean and organized.

Snorkel with a buddy at all times.

Portholes should be closed while Dream Catcher is underway

No wet persons below,bring a towell on deck and dry off well

Water use is at a minimum,showers on deck,salt water wash ,salt water rinse then a fresh water rinse.

Do not leave fans and lights on in areas of boat unocupied

Be at hand for all shipboard duties,sail raising and lowering, anchor duty,clean up,cooking,and dishes.

Heads must be kept clean to avoid sickness aboard so each person must clean after themslves before they leave the area. Toilet paper and sanitary napkins belong in trash basket next to toilet..

Snorkel gear must be placed in the snorkel gear containers when finished with and boyancy vests hung up in proper location.

Keep games{ board games,cards ect organized and away when not in use

Please PARTICIPATE and help out ! If everyone gets involved it will be a GREAT trip.
Follow the duty roster

Thank you and have fun.

Capt John Duke